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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> we know where andrea is going to be after work. >> reporter: temperatures this morning starting most of us in the 30s. some wind chills in the 20s. as we look at the day planner, a lot of sunshine today. by noon 44 degrees. clouds break up just a bit today. highs around 50. this will be the coldest day until saturday. we have a steady warming trend going on all week. even 60s thursday and friday. the snow it came close, down in charles county and points south. one to two inches. fredericksburg, an inch to two. temperatures down south in the mid-30s to lower 30s. so other than isolated slick spots, i think most of the roads are just going to be wet. they have been heavily treated so the highway department out on that. we have lower 30s off to the
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north. other than a few lingering sprinkles, flurries to our south and east, that is it. nothing going on. 51 this afternoon up in frederick. 52 for manassas. 49 in easton, and here in dc around 50. you know, it is nice to give good news for a change all morning long. things are looking great. if you have to go to work, rest assured i think you will get there on time, at least if you are leaving right now out of southern maryland. no problems route 5, route 4, route 301, everything good to andrews air force base. well along the east side between 95 and 295, things are great on the east side of town. we'll go back over to the maps, this time to 56 and the dulles toll road coming out of leesburg and haymarket you are going to be fine. all lanes are open and no hov
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restrictions in virginia today. a district store that has been allegedly selling liquor to minors for years is still in business even though police arrested the owner this weekend. >> authorities are now putting this store under a magnifying glass. the main reason? a news now investigative report. >> reporter: this piece of crime scene tape is the only indication saturday night the town square market was raided by dc police. the owner, richard kim, shown here in a news now investigative -- in a 9news now investigative report. police officers were surveilling the store in part because of a
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a 9news investigative piece. kim denied allegations during the original 9news now piece. sunday, family members said kim wasn't home when we tried to get his explanation about last night's arrest. the store will be back in business monday and liquor will continue to be on sale. >> i'll tell you, once the sting operation gets you, if you continue, you continue at your own peril, because they are back. and they don't stop. >> reporter: the town square market's motto is bring convenience to the neighborhood through the sale of beer, wine and other items. but if the investigation reveals it was too convenient for minors to buy liquor here the abc board will take away the store's liquor license. montgomery county police have also been watching the
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town square market and have issued 38 citations to underage students who bought booze there and crossed the line into maryland. a source tells 9news now a body pulled from the canal no georgetown -- in georgetown saturday was that of an elderly woman. she had a hospital band on her wrist. and an initial search turned up nothing and then a passer by spotted the body saturday. police have found no signs of foul play. the medical examiner is now going to determine the exact cause of death. rescuers in hollywood, maryland pulled a man out of a car nearly submerged in the water yesterday afternoon off cape marina in locally lane. his name and condition are not object -- being released at this point. two people are recovering from minor injuries after a fire in temple hills, maryland.
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last night at a home on beaumont street, a duplex, whether firefighters got there, leaf flames were coming out of the second floor. crews quickly put them out. at this point there is no word on the cause. 5:05. time for the latest your money report. jessica doyle is on assignment this morning and markets in asia have been mixed after the major u.s. exchanges stayed close to neutral. the dow raised. the u.s. postal service is talking about new ideas to help the agency save $20 billion a year. they include raising the price of first class stamps to 50 cents apiece, eliminating saturday delivery and closing as many as 3700 local post offices. usp s executives also want to offer early retirements and buyouts in an effort to trim 155,000 workers over the next five years.
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the snowstorm that didn't quite make it to the district caused major problems elsewhere. we'll tell you where, coming up. two pilots are unbelievably lucky. both walked away from the wreckage after collide not guilty mid-air. the battle of the teams, the lady terrapins hosting duke. you want to see the highlights of this one, when we get back. [ male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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still a few clouds out there. the storm system dropped a little bit of snow off to the south but really did miss washington. you are down toward fredericksburg, probably have a little coat oath ground. we are going to get rid of the clouds over the next couple of hours. by 9:00, upper 30s. you'll notice the wind chill going to stay down in the 40s, while the actual air temperatures make a run toward that 50 degrees mark. if you are going to work, driving home around 5:00, temperature of 48. we'll come back, give you a 7-day forecast in five or six minutes. right now over to monika for a look at the roads. >> reporter: very little to worry about coming up from dale city on 95 up to the beltway in springfield and 395 to the 14th
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street bridges no hov restrictions today. mike? making news now, three expert skiers died in an avalanche what the a washington state ski resort. the slide swept a man down the hillside in the cascade mountains. the storm system that just brushed our area caused loss of problems to our south and west, where it dumped snow and ice. in tennessee it took police to clear -- hours to clear more than 20 vehicles from an accident site on interstate 75. several people were injured. two pilots are recovering from just minor injuries after a mid-air collision near san francisco. a helicopter and six seater plane clipped each other. we are told both pilots walked away from their damaged
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aircraft. presidential hopeful rick santorum is making strong statements about the current occupant of the white house. more on that at 5:32. and at 5:48 we head out to mount vernon for a preview of george washington's 280th birth day. and howard has a return to the 60s in his 7-day forecast. we'll be back.
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it is 5:12 and 37 degrees. i'm happy to say not much in the way of traffic at all this morning this holiday, president's day. if you do have to head to work, i think you are going to be just fine all around town. bw parkway and 95 out of baltimore we are looking good. no problems to report on the beltway itself. let's take a live look there on the outer loop. also looking good as you leave 95 toward new hampshire avenue. no-hov restrictions by the way on 270, 95, 395 and route -- 56. 66 and the dulles toll road, all looking great out of wolf trap and centerville to the beltway. a live look on the northbound side of 95 and 395. along pennsylvania avenue in
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southeast nice and light this morning. in my next report we'll take another look around the area. commuters in maryland, have a new park and ride lot opening today along georgia avenue. it has about 200 parking spaces and two bus shelters where people can catch the i -- the ic ccommuter buses. howard is here with our weather forecast. brace yourself. this week we are going to have temperatures in thetex tis -- in the 60s. 60s will be pretty widespread around here thursday and friday. >> crazy right? >> it has been. and a couple of days where temperatures were below average. but really this has been an easy winter for me. last night parts of charles county, down 95, toward
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fredericksburg, now we are talking an inch, a couple of spots, most of it was on grassy surfaces as the temperatures were still 34, 35 degrees. here's a look at our forecast for you on this monday morning. see the day planner talking about sunshine. a little bit of wind also out of the north. gusts could be 20, 25 for the first part of the day. 48 by 3:00 with a high near 50. with lighter winds. here's a look, satellite radar. you have the storm system. the blue is the snow, the green is the rain. south of i-64, this is where we had our heaviest snow. richmond got four to five inches. rockingham county close to 10 inches. i-77 south of roanoke, they had
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all sorts of problems there. this morning it is cold, not so bad. leesburg 32. mid-30s from haymarket to manassas. over at andrews in prince george's county 35 degrees. here in washington under cloudy skies, good visibility on our michael and son weather camera. 37 degrees. look at that wind. it is brisk out of the north at 17. over at dulles over the past hour, you are going to see that thing shoot up. as that storm pulls away, high pressure pulls in. with the counter clockwise circulation, this thing headed off to the east-northeast. in the gulf coast and texas that will bring it toward us and that is why we are expecting this warm up. if this storm were 100 miles north, it will be a much
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different morning around here. it's been one of those winters where we still sit at 1.0 inches at reagan national. back in the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. for tuesday we start sunny and off to our east and southeast. maybe a few clouds get thrown our way late in the day. but for the most part we are going to be in pretty good shape around here for the next few days. it is the second half of the week with warmer temperatures. today 50. tomorrow and wednesday breezy but milder. 53 tuesday, 58 on wednesday. low to mid-60s with a chance for a couple of showers. cold they are weekend saturday and sunday look for highs generally in the low to mid- 40s. the maryland men have fallen short this year but the lady
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terrapins have scored an update over the blue devils. a few fans will get to be on the field for home games. another look at our question of the day. according to a new study you should do this for 20 minutes daily if you are really stressed out. play video games, take a nap, or take a bubble bath? darlene petty wrote go to my favorite happy hour place is her choice. we'll have more of your answers in our next half hour. keep your guesses coming.
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just spoke to one of our weather watchers, charlie dixon. came down with big flakes last night. we are looking at clouds early. they are going to pull away by 9:00, mostly sunny. 38 in town, low 30s to the north. still about 40 right on the bay. middle of the day. lunch time, 44, breezy. this afternoon upper 40s to near 50 with a good deal of sun. thank you howard. baseball fans can celebrate. pitchers and catchers report. plus a big upset for the ladies's basketball team for the terrapins. >> reporter: fresh off her 300th
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career win, brenda freeze and the lady terrapins, haven't been able to win a against a top five team since january of 2009. can't get the basket but hawkins fighting and gets fouled. now tied up. 20 seconds left. thomas misses the go ahead, there again, 19 points, 9 rebounds. terrapins up, duke looking for a three. thomas says this one is ours. nice block by thomas. the terrapins upset duke. 63-61. handing the blue devils their first acc loss. >> you are at home. you have to go make a play. i love the fact we have so many players on this team that want to step up and make plays. >> with duke undefeated, we had a lot of confidence coming to the game. we came out with a win and are
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really happy about it. >> george mason hosting georgia state. this one went to overtime. a drive to tie the game at 65. then she gets fouled and she wins the game on free throws. 31 points with a win. george mason beats georgia state in o t. the nationals have a lot of buzz behind them. the additions of gonzalez and edwin jackson the nats beefed up their rotation. pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. their first practice is today, exhibition game starts on march 2nd. that is going to do it for your morning sports. have a great monday. and it is not quite the same as making the major league ross sister but dozens of presidential hopefuls tried out at nationals park, they want to be one of the four racing presidents. the winners will race as george
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washington, thomas jefferson, teddy roosevelt and abraham lincoln. the bill to legalize same sex marriage in maryland has one more hurd toll clear. plus police arrest a liquor store owner after teenagers told 9news now they had no problem buying alcohol from his store. >> reporter: nice and light this morning at duke street, headed to the 14th street bridge. if you do have to go to work, at least you won't have delays. coming up in my next report, another look at area roadways. you are watching 9news now. stay with us. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is monday. a lot of you have this day off for president's day but thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. we are glad you are here.
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i'm mike haiduk. good morning. good morning she is going to greet you individually on our next traffic report. >> monika's personalized travel report. >> reporter: there are those saying i'm going to work so stop talking about three of us. weatherwise we have a cold morning out there. winds gusting to 23 at reagan national. an inch maybe two down south in fred ricksburg. -- in fredericksburg. today sunshine and lots of it. despite the breeze too, temperatures approaching 50. i think by 9:00, partly sunny the rest of the day with 44 at noon. jackets and gloves and even a little bit of sunscreen. for today. here's the storm system from
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yesterday, snow showers along mainly coastal areas. behind it temperatures low 30s, 37 at reagan national. it is 34 about an inch of snow on the grassy surfaces, ground or the road surfaces look pretty good. fredericksburg 36 and 37 at pax river. it is time now for monika samtani and timesaver traffic. >> reporter: right now i think absolutely fine on the roadways. no problems with the beltway or any of the major thoroughfares headed there. before i show you what else is going to, no problems on 270 at shady grove road. where the lanes divide in fact the length of frederick town looks great. you can see the cameras shaking. it is windy outside. we'll take you over to the
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other side. here's what it looks like on the beltway. very light, lighter than normal as we head through silver spring. all the major corridors look great as well. northbound i-95 no hov restrictions here. on to 395 and the 14th street bridge nice and light this morning. now back to our photographs. want to remind you metro is on a modified schedule. metro bus is on a modified schedule. coming up in my next report another look around the area. back to you guys. the cases have been presented, but the deliberations haven't started yet in the uva lacrosse murder trial. george hugeley defense says his ex-girlfriend did not die from injuries she sustained in a fight with him. the defense claims yardley love suffocated. love was found dead in her off
5:31 am
campus in 2010. deliberations start wednesday. a father watched his son lose his life in a horrible accident in maryland. 13-year-old michael trollic of baltimore died after being hit by a car saturday night. police say his father was driving he and his best friend home when the teenager suddenly started to get sick to his stomach. so he opened the passenger door to throw up but he fell out of the moving car and another driver hit the teenager in the road. an area liquor store could lose its license after police act on a series of 9 wants to know reports. the owner of country square market was confronted. 9news reporter jessica doyle has more. >> reporter: good morning to both of you, a major development in the wake of the 9news now investigation. we are here at town square,
5:32 am
which has allegedly been the supplier of alcohol to underage minors as young as 14 years old. what happened is richard kim is the owner of town square market. he was arrested, cuffed and detained on saturday night for allegedly selling alcohol to a minor. a 17-year-old was also arrested, cuffed and charged with buying that alcohol. what happened was police saw a carload of three young men pull in here, the young men went inside, went to the counter, allegedly bought the alcohol, came back outside and that is when police asked him for id. he provided identification, it turned out that belonged to someone else. jim graham, ward one councilman, says this should serve as a warning to other liquor store owners that checking an id is simply not must. >> these are 15-year-olds who look like 15-year-olds.
5:33 am
it would be unmistakable, you would have to be some kind of doves to not see before you someone who was under age. >> reporter: the case will be investigated, conferring with montgomery county. authorities will present the case to the abc board, which will determine whether or not this store loses its liquor license. the reason montgomery county is involved in this case is they have been watching minors going into this store and crossing over the boundary to montgomery county. around 38 citations have been handed out in the last five weeks alone for this one particular spot. 9news hears things will be back to business as usual at town square market this week. andrea, back to you in the studio. opponents of same sex marriage in maryland are looking for new tactics to try to reverse their fortunes. the maryland state house
5:34 am
approved a bill to legalize same sex marriage late friday night. last year the similar bill stayed in the house. governor martin o'malley sponsored the bill. he plans to sign it into law. virginia's governor will spend millions for community care of the disabled. it will provide moderate relief for local school districts. the legislative amendments to the governor's $80 million budget were made yesterday. republican presidential hopeful rick santorum is surging in the polls in the primary race and now he is turning his focus to the president, and president obama's campaign appears to be taking notice at this point. susan mcginniss has the latest on the race for the gop nomination. >> campaigning at a church in
5:35 am
georgia rick santorum attacked president obama's decision to give women employed by some religious institutions free access to contraceptives. >> it is imposing on a group of people, expressing their views. >> rick santorum is focusing on the president. in the ohio weekend he said the views are hurting americans. >> it is not about you, not about your job. it is about some phony ideal. >> reporter: the obama campaign took note and came out swinging sunday saying santorum's statement was an attack on the president's faith. >> i can't help but think that those remarks are well over the line. it is wrong, it is destructive. >> reporter: santorum says he wasn't questioning the president's christianity. >> i believe the president is a christian.
5:36 am
>> reporter: santorum's popularity is surging the latest polls show him leading maidenform, -- mitt romney, even in michigan. romney will be in michigan tomorrow as he tries to take back the league. >> if they lose i don't see what he says to his donors to stay in the race. >> home states are a must win for all of the candidates. romney will be the first to be tested on the 28th. we have a look at the best of today's daily deals, coming up. will the romantic movie "the vow "hold onto the top spot? we'll let you know. congratulations to j.c. hayward, the area's first female news
5:37 am
anchor, on 9news now.
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5:38. still mostly cloudy skies here behind the storm system which dropped a little snow to our
5:39 am
south. maybe that much in spots and the roads still seem to be in pretty good shape. a lot of sunshine today and a little bit of a breeze. even by 9:00 skies partly to mostly sunny. 389. by noon 44. north winds at 13, still gust over 20 at times by noon. by this afternoon 3:00 temperature 49. near the high of the day, right around 50. i'll be back in the next five minutes, looking at the 7-day forecast. pretty mild this time of year. back to monika samtani. >> an easy monday morning on this president's day holiday. no problems here at the american legion bridge. coming up in my next report, more on area roadways at 5:48. mike, back to you. it appears two movies were at the top of the box office last weekend and they switched place this weekend. "safe house "takes the top spot
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this weekend. denzel washington stars as a cia agent gone rogue. last week's number one, the romantic movie, "the vow "came in second at 23.6 million. jessica is on assignment this morning but we still have a run down of today's daily deals and we want to start with getting physical. $39 for a month of unlimited co-ed boot camp classes at cuss stop fitness concepts through groupon. classes normally run $140 so you are saving 72%. next is nine offering up to 30% off of selected shoes and accessories but you have to hurry, because this deal ends today. finally, get 50% off at the
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restaurant vento, this is an app only deal. contact jessica through her facebook page at still ahead one of the world's most famous astronauts reflects on space travel 50 years after he made history. heading out to mt. vernon for a celebration of george washington's 280th birthday. who else. designer gloria vanderbilt. she is 88 today. mitch mcconnell is 70. the donald's first wife, ivana trump. and charles barclay is 49. cindy crawford is 46. pop star rena -- rihanna turns
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24 today. happy 41st birthday to morning editor calvin turner. smile. we'll be right back. ♪
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. 5:45. it is a holiday for a lot of people. school day for some. but. >> yes the folks in culpepper county you are going to school today, but you are going two hours late, obviously because they had a little bit more snow, maybe an inch or two in spots down there. >> the roads are slick and they are narrow, too. weatherwise, we have a pretty good day going. a lot of sunshine and a little bit of a breeze. gusts 20, maybe 25 over the next few hours behind the departing storm system. all in all we are looking good.
5:46 am
sunshine, temperatures climbing from the 30s this morning to the mid-40s at noon. low to mid-40s the north wind still at about 13 miles per hour. gusts 20 or better at least through midday. we have temperature 49, one thing you'll notice is the wind speed. these numbers getting lower and lower. a lot of areas they drop into the 20s. 5:45. a lot of the stuff north. wasn't reaching the ground. south of town where we had the snow, a little bit of a dust not guilty prince george's, charles county st. mary's. >> reporter: an inch or less. fred ricksburg -- fredericksburg had a report of an inch and a half or so. 37 this morning in washington. under cloudy skies. winchester and hagerstown
5:47 am
mid-30s. upper 30s at pax river. 36 degrees, you get a know like that, temperatures above freezing, most of the road surface will stay wet. the storm was in the a surprise, the road crews were all over it. low to mid-20s north, feels like 27 in washington. good visibility in our michael and son weather camera. gusting over 20 and we have a dew point in the lower 20s. behind the departing storm system in the mid-atlantic. producing rain and snow. more snow in the mountains here and rain in the plains. that is going to draw up milder air for os. -- for us. right through friday and then a little bit colder, maybe a lot colder by the weekend. 20s and 30s tonight. when we start to move out of
5:48 am
the south and west. thursday and friday could be a company of passing showers also here and there. saturday and sunday blustery and temperatures only in the low to mid-40s. anything new to tell he? >> reporter: no, -- to tell me? >> reporter: no, not really. all systems go, green. no problems to report whatsoever around town. howard keeps laughing at me this morning. he keeps saying you could have just been in bed. but i'm happy to be here with you to tell on you route 50, remember hov restrictions are still in effect whether they are not in effect on 395. 66 or 50. on the west side of the town on the beltway, watch out on the southbound side of the gw parkway, there is a disabled vehicle right near the cia and
5:49 am
police are headed toward the scene there. this time to 95, springfield, everything doing great, take a live look at duke street, no problems to report. both metro and metro bus are on a mood identified schedule today. making news now at 54:00 united nations inspectors will be in tehran this week to begin new talks about its nuclear program. iran's president continues to deny his country is building nuclear arms. road crews a major rush hour. that is because the bay bridge wrapped up last night a day and a half ahead of schedule. the bridge wasn't scheduled to reopen until tomorrow morning. with no rain and quick work. tens of thousandsch people
5:50 am
are packed into new orleans for the packed mardi gras weekend. a rainout saturday meant double the number of parades sunday. did you know that our first president was born 280 years ago today? and on this president's day holiday visitors can get into george washington's home for free. >> we are joined by shep walters of the city tavern in philadelphia. he is actually saying at your restaurant general george washington ate there? >> yes, i'm so excited to be here. nothing like making this piece. >> what are you flaring morning? >> well first of all, i have a
5:51 am
roast turkey. i have a turkey stew, i have sweet potatoes and pecans, obviously the most important thing i have is the cake that martha would have done. >> isn't that beautiful. >> it is an excellent cake, finished with an orange icing. the stew, remember this is right here at the mt. vernon estate. >> this is very tempting chef. it is just for display purposes? or we can come over and sample? >> absolutely. i'm waiting for you. i have molly, my assistant here going to pour me a glass.
5:52 am
i'm claiming the champagne for you in honor of the general, how is that? >> looking back at how people ate during the 18th century, we talked about refrigeration, there was none. we know the general liked fish. no microwaves, and even lack of running water, how difficult was it for the cooks and martha to prepare meals for several guests? >> i would say to you it was an extraordinary house. i can do it since i'm there. i think i was the general's second chef. i feel so connected. but you have to remember with a lot of plan interesting don't ever underestimate the lady of the house, 30, 40 cooks, remember no freezers, no nothing. but they wouldn't just ignore any product. the bread got stale they made
5:53 am
bred crumbs. -- bread crumbs. it is the reason i am absolutely committed to even more. we just finished the first five presidents. as you know we have the whole virginia gang in there. it is cog in the next season coming out in the next couple of weeks. >> we are running out of time but we will come back to you in the 6:00 hour. and here's to you jeff. >> i want to toast george washington. >> absolutely. happy birthday, george. still ahead, we are hoping you get hired by revealing the biggest mistakes candidates can make in job interviews.
5:54 am
as astronaut john glenn reflects on the history of the space travel. aboard the orbiter challenge space shuttle. the flight lasted august 1983 through september 5, 1983. he participated in four space shuttle flights. and flew over 688 hours in space. he was inducted into the united states astronaut hall of fame. for more moments in black history log on to
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jim wilson? here is the chase freedom 5% cash back you get on purchases. wow! and your kindle fire. thank you. do you have any bubble wrap? activate your 5% cash back at
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john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. since that man's first flight in orbit we have gone to the moon and even launched john glenn back into space at age 70. he is one of two surviving mercury 7 astronauts. they visited the kennedy space center this weekend to talk about america's 50 years of manned space flies. nasa workers cheered 90-year-old john glenn and 86-year-old scott carpenner.
5:58 am
-- carpenter. glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. glenn lifted off in a converted nuclear missile called friendship 7 and radioed back what he saw. >> they look like little stars. >> the flakes were frost from the capsule's water exhaust, his three or bits took three hours and 55 minutes. nasa wasn't even sure how glenn's body would react in space. >> doctors were literally concerned at that time that your eyes might change shape and your vision would change enough to not be able to make an emergency reentry. he learned from glenn's flight. he newbie then that man could operate intelligently.
5:59 am
>> reporter: the two space veterans talked about the past and agreed about america's next mission. >> if we make the flight to mars that will regavel nize -- get people going again. >> reporter: john glenn says he only recently gave up flying and sold his twin engine beach craft plane. >> we didn't even know he was there when the media guy was there. they were lick would you guys like to talk to him? he was most gracious and kind. we need a lot of people. that was the thrill. we thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike


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